• Automatically extract documents from watched email accounts.
  • Automatic classification, separation, and extraction of header and line-items from commercial invoices and carrier manifests.
  •  Selectively send commercial invoices to Windmill EasyClearance for OCR.
  • Leverages Cognitive Capture technology for data extraction.
  • Extract line-item information from the commercial invoice.
  • Validate commercial invoices quickly and train with AI for subsequent processing.
  •  Return the commercial invoice transaction to your customs solution to complete customs entry.


  • Increases productivity- Eliminates manual and repetitive data entry by Automating tasks.
  • Increases accuracy- Accurately process multi-page invoices in minutes instead of hours.
  • Increases process efficiency.
  • Increases reliability.
  • Reduces cost and resources.
  • Allows brokers to clear their customers shipments in a faster manner.



·       Email input of commercial documents OR

·       XML integration (with document inserted base64)


·       Flexible outputs based on line-of-business integration requirements

·       Prebuild XML output returned (referencing initial transaction with document attached as base64 file)

Additional Information


·       Solution has been successfully deployed at several customs broker companies.

·       References can be provided upon request.

·       Solution can run on either on-premise or on cloud

Required Software / Applications

Kofax TotalAgility

Geographic Availability


Language Availability

Primarily built in English; however can process documents in any language that Kofax TotalAgility Allows