• Direct integration with third party application(s) through Web Services
  • Integration support SOAP 1.1 and 1.2 Web Services
  • Control the export of images or PDF files base on a Kofax field
  • Support the delivery of Images / PDF files to the Web Service
  • Support the export of table values to a list of objects


This connector aims to solve some of the following identified challenges / needs:

  • Exporting documents and information for non-supported target applications, through traditional and user-friendly connectors available on Kofax;
  • Decrease the development effort on custom export connectors;
  • Handle information differently, after KC / KTA export event;
  • Integration with third party platforms through Web Services;
  • Reduce the failure points of communications with several export connectors to a single one;
  • The business layer is implemented on the custom Web Service instead of in the custom export connector, which offers more scalability and flexibility to the solutions.




Webservice description language.


Integration with your line of business application.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Capture; Kofax TotalAgility

Geographic Availability


Language Availability