In most cases mailroom staff still hand-deliver personal mail, advertising mail, ad hoc correspondence, and catalogs directly to the addressee (or the addressee’s assistant). Obviously, such delivery is very costly and difficult, if not impossible, to complete in situations where the workforce is either permanently or temporarily working remote from the corporate campus.  

When mail arrives, the mail center scans the envelope or covers of the piece. Staff receive a message over their preferred communications channel (e.g., email, text message, workflow alert) with links to the scan results. Receiving staff then selects an appropriate action for mail center staff to take; actions which can include options like physical delivery, electronic scanning, and even physical destruction. Virtual Post Office reduces overall mail center staff effort and lowers the cost associated with managing and moving physical mail pieces. 

  • Virtual Post Office is a pre-built and pre-integrated application for the Kofax TotalAgility component of the Kofax Intelligent Automation platform.  
  • Connects to almost any scanning platform including mail processing machines, multifunction devices, and desktop scanners.
  • Includes options for scanning from a mobile device like a tablet or phone.
  • Allows for automated recognition of addressee name.
  • Includes a flexible database for managing addressee contact information.
  • Provides multiple notification channel options including email, instant messages, mobile messages, and TotalAgility work queues.
  • Includes pre-configured workflows for addressing electronic notifications and for processing user selected processing options.
  • Automatically reminds receiving users to respond.
  • Includes storage management features for physical mail pieces.


  • Virtualizes the distribution of physical mail and enables both a permanent and temporary remote workforce.
  • Lowers distribution costs by empowering staff to authorize immediate destruction of unnecessary mail pieces.
  • Streamlines and speeds up mailroom services.


Virtual Post Office extends your new or existing TotalAgility environment to add unique ways for processing miscellaneous physical mail.


Virtual Post Office delivers virtual processing capabilities to the physical mail process.

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