The V-Link Connector seamlessly connects to the Verbella Invoice Tracking Center, a fully automated SAP AP Solution as well as others from Dolphin, Norikkon and OpenText.

The V-Link Connector will export into the OpenText VIM solution or the OpenText Document Access Solution (DocuLink). Some consulting may be required.

The Connector comes with all the required SAP Transports for Archiving, along with additional Transports to download SAP Vendor Master Data and Open PO line items for use in projects using KTM.

The Connector will allow users to archive electronic documents that are passed straight through Kofax.

The Connector supports HTTP, HTTPS and Signature for Archiving.


The V-Link Connector allows ReadSoft Online customers the ability to archive documents directly to any ArchiveLink certified content repository, and send metadata directly into any SAP Environment, including index data, barcodes, or workflows. Kofax customers prefer Verbella because our consultants have specialized in SAP for over 20 years. The SAP Transports provided allow customers to go from DEV to PRD in a matter of hours and not days. The Connector, Transports, and SAP Workflow/ArchiveLink configuration are all directly supported by Verbella. We can also install the free SAP Content Server as part of your project. If there is a scenario or workflow unique to your organization, Verbella can create the SAP integrated solution to meet your requirements.






ReadSoft Online


Data and images of invoices and backup documentation stored in SAP and linked to the financial transaction. 

Required Software / Applications

Kofax ReadSoft Online

Geographic Availability


Language Availability

All supported Languages in ReadSoft Online