The Universal-REST portfolio integrates connectors to several REST-based end-systems; the authentication, connection, and configuration of routing scenarios to each of these systems can be performed from a single UI, to facilitate their visualization and management:

  • All the connectors of the Universal-REST portfolio enable the simple capture of both digital and paper-based documents, and their automated integration into the corresponding end-system.
  • The automatic integration of documents improves the quality of processes by minimizing the probability of typing or routing mistakes.
  • The portfolio is above all versatile and flexible; it can cover a wide variety of applications, end-systems, and workflows to match the requirements of your company.
  • The connectors are capable to handle various authorization methods to comply with security when digitizing and integrating documents into your end-systems.
  • End-systems supported by the connector include enaio by Optimal Systems, Alfresco and OneDrive, and many others


This solution provides a transparent and reliable integration of digitalized documents directly to the desired end-system from a diversity of multifunction devices.


You need to install a component in KOFAX ControlSuite.


We route the Kofax processed documents directly in the selected platform for further process.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax ControlSuite