• Write your Export logic in a simple .cs file and compile it directly at your customers system without Visual Studio (like Kofax Import Connector scripts)
  • API for simple implementation of fully customizable Export Scripts
  • Predefined Error Handling with log4net
  • Automatic generation of Setup Form with Configuration Parameters
  • Easy access to Configuration Values, Batch/Index/Table Fields and Kofax Values
  • Smart functions for easy PDF/TIF/XML/JSON Export
  • Copy configurations from one system or document class to another via clipboard


  • No need to create complex solutions for your Export Connectors anymore
  • Simply create a .cs file and implement the events provided by the SmartRelease API
  • Modify and compile your source code directly at your customers system, without having Visual Studio installed, or
  • Create the connector in your development environment using Visual Studio with IntelliSense and simply Copy/Paste the code to your customers system
  • Always have the source code located at your customer for quick bug fixes with any text editor


  • Smart Export Connector binaries
  • .cs file with your Export logic
  • Optional: additional .cs files or .dll-references


  • Document / metadata, depending on your Export implementation

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Capture