The average seal search speed is about one processed page per second.

The detection accuracy on the universal pre-configured sample is about 85%.

Document processing time is reduced by up to 50%.

The service can be added to the standard Kofax Capture/KTM processing chain with either our Custom Module or a COM object (for use with a VBA script in KTM).

 In ReadSoft Invoices, integration is performed using the standard Plugin mechanism.


In many developing countries, such as Russia and the CIS, it is often critical for businesses to have seals and signatures confirming the validity of the scanned documents (invoices, certificates, contracts, etc.). Sometimes this function is performed by stickers or other special labels.

Seals can have different shapes. They are usually round, sometimes square or triangular. They can be placed in any place of the document, in a blank space or over the text, have different noises and artifacts. The handwritten nature of signatures makes them different from time to time. As well as seals, they can be placed in any place of the document

Seals and signatures are searched manually by the operator when products such as Kofax Capture/KTM or ReadSoft Invoices are used. This is a time-consuming task, especially when processing multi-page documents. Each customer wants to process documents as automatically as possible, while the search for printing and signing makes this task more difficult.


Scanned document 


Information on whether the document contains seals and signatures. Details: pages, coordinates, accuracy of detection and part of the image. 

Additional Information

The service uses machine learning technologies in its implementation. It is delivered pre-trained on a universal sampling basis. The service can be additionally customized by the customer for his purposes - the utilities supplied with the service will help him to do so.

In addition to the standard technical support, you can also purchase expert assistance for configuration. This is especially useful for achieving the best possible quality of work on your document samples.


Required Software / Applications

Kofax Transformation Modules 6.0, Kofax Capture 10 or greater

Geographic Availability


Language Availability

Russian, English