Reporting works by building statistics for the previous day overnight and it can be run back to the day you went live on Invoices Cockpit/Process Director. 

Reporting is split into 7 sections:-

  • Results on Transfer into Process Director
  • Errors on Transfer (Root Cause)
  • Posting Statistics
  • Workflow Statistics
  • Open Documents (Not Posted)
  • Payment Reports
  • Accurals Reports

Additionally there are:-

  • KPI Report Set (11 current count based on customer input)
  • Overview Report (P&L type report transferred/posted/open)
  • User Reports selction for user defned report selections and variants


Reporting is delivered as an SAP transport and reports provided in ALV Grid style layouts, which are instantly familiar to SAP users. 

We offer the reporting on a try-before-you-buy basis for 4-weeks free of charge. 

Shared Service Centre Managers are able to report on every metric they can imagine via SAP GUI and all reports can be sorted, summed and sub-totalled in line with standard SAP screens. 

The reporting includes every field available as standard in Process Director and SAP as well as any custom fields the customer has in their implementation, so any report can be run to meet customer requirements.

Reporting is delivered with a pre-built set of KPI's and variants based on what other customers have used, so it works out of the box and customers can create their own variants the same as they do today in SAP. 




Reporting delivered as an SAP transport for import into the customers development system and promotion through the landscape into production. Batch jobs need to be setup in production to fill the reporting tables overnight and training will be provided for end users. 


Reporting is used as the basis to drive continuous improvement as it enables customers to measure where they are now, quantify the issues and drill down for further analysis to identify what can be changed to improve automation. The focus of our continuous improvement programs, using the reporting as the basis, is to identify quick wins where we can make changes in the system that will improve automation without requiring any change on the vendor and/or internal process side. Once in production, we will provide training and all the support required by the customer to get the reporting into BAU.

Geographic Availability

Available to customers worldwide.

Language Availability

Reports are English as standard, but all report fields can be renamed in any language.