Minit Analyst. The bridge between the raw data and the organization

•Helping data analysts and process specialists turn data into deeper understanding and, ultimately, continuous improvements.
•Get deep insights into the process
•Identify points of inefficiency
•Uncover root cause with ease
•Determine optimal process model
•Develop steps for reengineering
•Prepare insights for the organization

Minit Dashboards. Actionable process insights at a glance for everyone

Insights into the performance of the whole organization from the process perspective.

Telling a visual story of how the organization creates value for its customers.

Visibility into progress towards defined results by monitoring key process indicators.

Driving better business decisions at every level, based on hard data.

Monitoring the impact of individuals, teams or divisions on the entire business.

Encouraging continuous improvement and process excellence through deep process understanding.


1. Understand

Get full insight into the process dynamics with all its drivers and inhibitors

2. Simulate

Stress test your process based on fluctuating demands and reallocation of resources

3. Re/Define
Create the most efficient process based on reality and metrics to ensure excellence

4. Monitor

Continuously track the process performance to capture growth opportunities

5. Improve

Prioritize improvement initiatives based on data and compare the Before and After


require access to your Readsoft Process Director logs for our PD/AP data exporter.

Minit can be installed either in your premise or private cloud.


Dynamic process dashboard to analyze inefficiency root causes simulates potential solutions leveraging your  Readsoft Process Director logs.

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