• Production overview
  • Document volumes by date
  • Document volumes by Supplier
  • Supplier performance (capture rates by document and by field)
  • Document volumes by User
  • User performance
  • Document volumes by Source (Collector, Scanned, Import)
  • Detailed processing times per module and overall from input to export
  • Short term image archive
  • Open database tables for external reporting
  • Custom queries


  • Better insight into system performance
  • Reduce manual labor by concentrating optimization effort on capture of difficult suppliers
  • Find processing bottlenecks
  • Image research after processing


More information is available and can be provided on demand.


Captured data from ReadSoft Invoices 


  • Reports on system performance
  • Reports on user performance
  • Reports on module performance
  • Reports on Capture performance

Required Software / Applications

ReadSoft Invoices