• Ability to add additional information during scanning, importing and verifying
  • Additional batch information
  • Specify a buyer on input
  • Specify document type on input
  • Specify common field values on input
  • Add specific image prefix to imported/scanned images
  • Assign queues based on load balancing or based on supplier names and identification status (reflected in Verify inboxes)
  • Select the profile
  • Enhanced rescan process in combination with EICC
  • Assign user defined variables
  • Add user name
  • Virtual batch header sheet
  • Scan job consolidation
  • Digital image endorsing


  • Better input management
  • Ability to prioritize documents upon input
  • More detailed control of document flow


More information is available and can be provided on demand.


Documents processed through ReadSoft Invoices


Imported documents with enhanced data properties and/or with assigned work queues.

Required Software / Applications

ReadSoft Invoices