• Perform duplicate checks (databases, process log, SAP, each check can be aggregated into one result).
  • Field validations.
  • Document validations.
  • Reject documents with feedback (email).
  • Write scripts to validate or trigger functionality in the core product.
  • Perform lookups to validate data (database, SharePoint lists, SAP).
  • Do advanced line item validation (matching, conversion).
  • Several validations can be turned on/off depending on the supplier being processed
  • Enhance and support the following processes:
    • Document Conversion
    • Document Validation
    • Data Validation
    • Accuracy Improvement
    • Database Validation
    • Document Import
    • Supplier Identification
    • Vendor Identification
    • Customer Identification
    • Process Improvement
    • Document Export


This package provides functionality that can improve invoice processing by enabling and configuring the desired functions.

  • Provides a bundle of individual functional enhancement modules for ReadSoft Invoices
  • Overall higher data accuracy
  • More document formats can be processed
  • Higher no-touch document throughput by validating and automatically correcting data in the background


More information is available and can be provided on demand.


  • Captured data
  • Emailed Documents
  • Imported Documents


  • Validated data 
  • Converted documents in image file format or PDF

Additional Information

Data that can be used to validate captured data in Invoices can be located in multiple formats and locations, Companies use different processes and in order to accommodate this this package allows to validate this data from multiple sources and allows such validations and functions to be enabled or disabled.