Python and Flask integrate seamlessly into Kofax RPA thanks to its out-of-the box web service actions. Python is the perfect fit as it runs on Windows and Linux alike – and Flask, a microframework, allows us to quickly turn our scripts into RESTful services which we will call from Kapow (or any other solution).

Note that you will need to install Python and Flask and all its dependencies using pip.

This asset includes the following:

  1. A short “Hello World” script,
  2. A robot showing how to pass parameters to the script as well as parsing its response.


Just imagine having the ability to use any Python package in Kofax RPA - the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas of what you could do:

  • Create a robot that classifies emails using scikit-learn
  • Integrate Office 365 into Kofax RPA, send emails, calendar entries, and much more using exchangelib
  • Create a robot that can interpret images using OpenCV
  • Extend anything with deep learning powered by Google's Tensorflow
  • Allow a robot to send text or WhatsApp messages using Twilio's API



Learn more about this robot here.


Depends on your use case. The sample robot does not have any inputs.


Depends on your use case. The sample robot does not have any outputs.

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