Field Extraction:

Get a head start in extracting the PPSN by downloading the PPSN module. The module shows how the PPSN can be extracted using a combination of training and use of a format locator. The extraction can be further configured/extended to suit your exact requirements.

Checksum Validation:

To avoid picking up an invalid PPSN (possibly as a result of a poor quality image), the module contains a useful implementation of a modulus check that will ensure only alternatives complying with the PPSN format are considered. To do that, the 8th (check) character of the PPSN is compared to the result of a weighted addition of all the numbers(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Public_Service_Number).

Kofax TotalAgility or Kofax Transformation Modules:

Designed for flexibility, the module contains a solution for both KTA and KTM. For KTA please use the KTA business rule orientated solution. The business rule is named 'BR_ValidatePPSN' and can be imported into KTA by importing the KTA package named 'KTA_PPSN_Package'. For KTM please use the script found inside the two script text files.


This module allows you to speed up the implementation of PPSN extraction and checksum validation. Avoid picking up invalid PPSN values by only picking up those which pass the checksum validation.


All resources can be found within the download package.

For KTA please import the package named 'KTA_PPSN_Package.zip'. For KTM you can add the content of the 2 script files to your transformation project.

Sample test documents for both valid and invalid scenarios can be found within the samples subfolder.


The download package also contains a set of test documents which cover both valid and invalid scenarios. 


Once extraction is performed, the software will extract the PPSN field. A Modulus 23 calculation is also performed on the extracted PPSN to help ensure you are only accepting valid PPSNs. This demo can be further configured/extended as required.

Additional Information

The modulus 23 calculation has been created based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_Public_Service_Number).

Required Software / Applications

Kofax TotalAgility or Kofax Transformation Modules.