The AX Export Connector for Kofax utilizes AX REST Services to efficiently export documents from Kofax Capture and KTA to AX. This connector does not require an install of the AX Document Manager client and is version independent. It can stream documents over HTTP, allowing release without the AX server needing access to a shared folder on the network.

Additional features include:

- Ability to append or prepend pages to existing documents with the same index data as well as the ability to create multiple indexes in AX  

- Support for Kofax variables

- Support for eDocuments, including AX foreign file support 

- Configuration export for easy migration among separate environments

- Multiple instances of the exporter can run on the same machine at the same time and can submit to full text in AX



Fast import of images into your ApplicationXtender system using a configurable UI.


Kofax Capture and KTA


ApplicationExtender supported image files