Schedule backups the Kofax RPA Management Console nightly and as needed and store those backups on a database. 

Ad hoc backups can be executed from the Kappzone Kapplets and give you the choice to store on the local drive so you can re-import it quickly or you can store in the database and use it later.

A second Kapplet allows you to do a search of the backups, and from within the returned result set, execute the recovery of the backup so that you can then import that backup.

This is demonstrating the ability to execute another robot from within a kapplet: the first robot gets your list of backups and the other robot is executed based on your selection of the returned data set from the first robot.



Streamlines backing up data and ongoing robot work. Can be scheduled or run adhoc via a kapplet.


You will need a basic understanding of how to create a database connection in Kofax RPA


Backup zip file of the Management Console will be stored and accessible. You will also have an example of a kapplet being able to generate a 2nd robot with in a result set. 

Required Software / Applications

Sql Server Express

Geographic Availability


Language Availability