Fully digitized, automated Loan application process
Accessible via Webchat, Mobile Device (smart phone, tablet)
Chat bot guides and answers questions throughout process
Post submission notification via multi-Omnichannel (Voice, Text, Web, Mobile)
Out of box integration between Conversation AI and Kofax products


Reduction in “manual touch points” making the process faster and easier to complete
Increased accuracy ensures higher quality submission with less reviews
Chat bot guided process provides a more engaging, enjoyable experience driving high levels of customer satisfaction.  


Drivers License, Payroll Stub, Images


Kofax receives inputs and runs process to initiate and complete account creation.

Additional Information

Companies are looking for efficient ways to offer seamlessly-integrated support services that act autonomously and automate processes to free up resources, but also offer an innovative user experience. To make use of the most intuitive and most simple interface, Conversational AIs allow an intelligent and automated dialogue, either spoken or written - across all customer touchpoints. Cognigy is a global leader in the Conversational AI marketplace, with a highly-flexible enterprise Conversational AI Platform for building advanced, integrated conversational automation solutions through the use of cognitive bots.


Required Software / Applications

Cognigy.AI, Kofax Capture, Kofax RPA

Geographic Availability


Language Availability

26 languages