• Multi-channel capture and image optimization capabilities turn hard to read documents into high-quality digital files
  • Pre-trained invoices, shipping, customs and transport documents expedite automation
  • Pre-built identification, classification, and extraction procedures of most common shipping, customs, transport documents
  • Turn invoices, shipping, customs and transport documents into validated, electronic data
  • Validation of data from transport documents
  • Line item extraction from invoices, bills of lading, packing lists etc.
  • Export of processed and validated data to downstream processing systems.


  • Timely and accurate retrieval of data from invoices, shipping, other transport and customs documents to fulfill obligations in trading and customs matters
  • Reduce or eliminate slow, error prone, manual tasks, allowing employees to focus on higher value-add activities
  • Increase operational efficiency and overall processing capacity
  • Flexible enhancement options with Intelligent Automation capabilities such as RPA, Kofax Communication Management (KCM), Mobile Capture, etc. in a unified platform, from a single supplier
  • Can be used in combination with other Kofax Solution Frameworks, e.g. Rules Engine Framework for cross-document validations and business rule checks on documents
  • Accelerated implementation with reduced TCO, faster ROI and higher quality cost-benefit analysis


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Shipping, transport and customs documents


validated and verified data from documents ingested, delivered for downstream processing systems

Additional Information

The logistics sector is known for high volumes of paper documents, time pressure, huge variations of global forms and constantly changing requirements in trading, customs, etc.
Data from transport and logistics documents is critical as these all contain business-critical information, and all must be processed correctly in order to fulfill customer obligations in a timely manner.

The Kofax Transport and Logistics Framework is powered by the Kofax Intelligent Automation software platform. It applies cognitive capture capabilities, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform data entry and validation processes, reduce or eliminate manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer satisfaction and processing time.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 and higher