• Enables e-signing of document with SignPass mobile
  • Authentication methods through
    • Face recognition
    • Touch ID (fingerprint)
    • 6-Digit passcode
  • Embed NDI signature consist of user certificate and document hash signature.
  • Embed NDI seal before or after signing
  • Document formed to be generated in PDF of PAdES-LTA format, in accordance with ISO 32000-1 standard


This Component allows users from Singapore to access Singapore Government digital services and sign the agreement with SingPass mobile in a secure and convenient way.

In combination with Kofax SignDoc Standard this Component integrates with the National Digital Identity (NDI) platform and offers a seamless customer signing experience.


Signing Document, SingPass mobile


Digital signed document compliant with Singapore GovTech requirements (PAdES-LTV)

Required Software / Applications

Kofax SignDoc

Geographic Availability