With this asset, you will be able to visualize, analyze, act, and evaluate information using demo data. While the demo reflects an Accounts Payable scenario, you can add your own data sources, modify records and metrics, and create your own dashboard views as well. This is simply a headstart into realizing the benefits of Kofax Process Intelligence capabilities. 

Gives you: 

  • Deep Visibility - Macro and drill-down insights  on near-real time data from any source, available and sharable to all
  • Process Perspective - Business intelligence and process analytics combined for unique perspectives on how business process execution impacts your business
  • Operational Insight - Discover important operating conditions and diagnose root causes through the use of intuitive graphical tools
  • Actionable Analytics - Automate or advise next best actions in a business process context
  • Analytics Libraries - Included and pre-configured libraries deliver visualizations and analyses of completed & ongoing processes 
  • Rapid Customizaton - Non-technical users create new and revised dashboards and analyses tailored to their unique operational requirements


Kofax Process Intelligence enables you to…

  • Uncover unique insights into customer interactions, enhancing the customer experience
  • Cut processing time and cost via fact-based analysis, driving operational intelligence
  • Optimize processes for continuous innovation, helping you to leapfrog your competition
  • Act and avoid fines and penalties, strengthening compliance


Kofax Insight Product Installation and Administration Guides can be found here. Please note you will need to be logged into Kofax Support portal to see the Insight Installation Guide.  



Kofax Insight v6.1 or above must be installed prior to using this asset. The download includes a .zip file with two components:

1) An MS Word script that provides instructions for importing the KPI package into an already installed Insight system.

2) A zipped KPI package that includes data, records, metrics, and dashboards. Please ensure you do not unzip Project_KPI.zip as it is required in that format for import.



Kofax Process Intelligence dashboards

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