Template process for:

  • Uploading case forms to KTA
  • Transforming, classifying, and extracting info from case forms
  • Validation for extracted info
  • Data preparation to send to D365 CE
  • Packaged API calls for sending info into D365 CE

Please contact adam.sawyers@kofax.com for more information.


Provides a framework for KTA to push/pull data to/from D365 CE in a reusable and standardized format. The design specifies interface conventions and provides template processes that will need to be configured by the developer to suit the business tasks to be performed.



KTA 7.8 Environment 

KTA Connector Package 

D365 CE - Sales Enterprise or Sales Pro (admin access)

Azure Active Directory (admin access)



Two way communication and invocation of work in either KTA or D365 CE

Additional Information

Please contact adam.sawyers@kofax.com for more information.

Required Software / Applications

KTA 7.8