• Barcode recognition combining more than one barcode engine for greater accuracy.
  • Document \ batch separation based on page barcodes or other variables such as page count.
  • Blank page detection and removal.
  • Batch attachments ingestion on batch and or page level .
  • Read, parse and assign textual data to meta-data.
  • SFTP file(s) ingestion.
  • Can be used as an API, Kofax eFlow station or a Windows service.
  • Built-in configuration and tester for easy setup and testing environment for quick deployment.
  • Can be further extended via plug-ins and events.


The Input utility package is a one stop shop for all file input formats, using multiple input profiles to cover various input channels \ paths, file formats, batch naming and separation, barcode reading and separation, blank pages detection and removal, image enhancement and binarization, far beyond the standard Kofax eFlow platform abilities.

This package comes with out of the box configuration abilities to further extend the Kofax eFlow platform capabilities such as

  • enhanced barcode recognition abilities such as barcode content filtering
  • the ability to combine multiple barcode recognition engines and evaluate results
  • extend batch naming with meta data by configuration
  • Read and utilize meta data as part of the ingestion process to be further used for input processing steps
  • Supports ingestion and binarization of additional image file formats


Common images, PDF documents and file attachments


Creates Kofax eFlow collection(s) after document(s) ingestion

Required Software / Applications

Kofax eFlow