• Multiple export profiles that can be configured to deliver different outputs to different locations.
  • Export batch and or form level meta-data and attachments.
  • Built -in tester for easy setup,
  • Reusable, inheritable configuration.
  • Built-in output to: TIFF, JPG, CSV, INI, JSON, TXT, XML, PDF, HTML, database data export and any Kofax eFlow collection or page attachment files.
    Supports additional file type(s) output via plugins and events.
  • Can be used as an API or Kofax eFlow station.


A set of utilities that provides a large coverage of export connectivity and file output types, extending the standard Kofax eFlow export capabilities with various output file types, file export paths, directory structures data formatting and more.


Common images, PDF documents and file attachments


Documents metadata, images and or PDF output\export