• Configurable length of time that batches will be held in the station queue.
  • Flexible configuration access that accepts, XML or Metadata or command parameters specifying the length of time batches are held in the station queue.
  • Can be used as an Kofax eFlow portal or an API
  • Includes a configuration utility that enables installation to an Kofax eFlow station.
  • Optional Kofax eFlow dynamic (batch data) backup to a specified path before purging a batch.


This Component is equipped with a configuration and installation utility, to enable easy configuration and installation.

This Component also extends the Kofax eFlow platform beyond purging batches after being exported, allowing events and settings to be defined around logging and actions to be taken after and during purging.


Kofax eFlow collection(s)


Optional archived Kofax eFlow collections(s)

Required Software / Applications

Kofax eFlow