• Enables the release of metadata from Kofax Capture or Kofax TotalAgility to SAP or Kofax Process Director
  • Allows the release of images to SAP through ArchiveLink-certified content servers (supporting TLS 1.2.)
  • Supports multi-page TIFF files and PDF files created by the Kofax Capture PDF generator.
  • Supports standard invoice transactions: FB60, FV60, FB65, FV65, MIRO and MIR7.
  • Supports the following scenarios:
    • Late Archiving
    • SAP Content via ArchiveLink
  • Supports Generic workitems: configuration of many scenarios by easily reconfiguring KEC-SAP.
  • Configuration tool allow easy mapping between KC/KTM fields and SAP function parameters.


This connector links KC/KTM solutions to SAP or Process Director for transferring extracted data and images directly by also triggering corresponding transactions in SAP.

In addition, this connector offers basic Invoice processing capabilities for direct SAP integrations.


More information is available and can be provided on demand.


The connector takes extracted data from a KC/KTM Solution


Extracted data and images posted/transferred to SAP or Process Director

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Transformation; Process Director for AP