Built as a C# DLL helper function and called from a KTA process .NET node, Genus FileNet Dynamic Connector provides an extremely simple and convenient means of configurating integration to a FileNet system. Limitations with the base export configuration make it difficult to map a broad matrix of KTA document classes and FileNet document classes.

Processes simply pass a JSON configuration, usually stored in a KTA server variable, containing export profiles to the export node. That configuration is architected to require a minimal number of entries, particularly when the FileNet document classes are similar and may only contain one or two different properties. 

  • Support for document class templates
  • Support for simple override of property configurations
  • Semi-automatic missing pages and missing documents functionality
  • Returns the FileNet version set GUID for the document
  • Updates FileNet system properties like CreatedBy  and DateCreated


  • Unlimited configurations
  • Simple management of configurations between environments
  • Dynamic class mapping and property mapping simplify export setup



Genus Dynamic FileNet P8 Connector requires a TotalAgility process communicating with an IBM FileNet P8 environment. 


Genus Dynamic FileNet P8 Connector will deliver content to a FileNet system from any TotalAgility process.