Single transport containing all PD enhancements in one package. 

All enhancements contained in the template are managed via control tables in Process Director, which enables Accounts Payable to activate enhancements without requiring any IT or consulting resource to support the change. Support is also simplified and more efficient as all fixes as well as new developments are added to the template and made available to all customers. 

Cogent Consulting has designed a template that contains provides the base to support customers on continuous improvement programs to drive automation, simplify processes and deliver cost savings. 


Our template delivers a standard solution that contains all of the best enhancements developed for other PD users that are commonly required on all new implementations and by existing PD users who want to improve their solution. There are 143 options included in the template at the current count and all of this is documented and available for you to download. 

Some of the key benefits you will acheive are:-

  • Improved tax code determination
  • Enhanced line item matching to increase first time posting
  • Work Cycle automation based on root cause and any rules
  • FI Document automation
  • Additional data-checking before and after posting based on rules
  • Automated rejections to suppliers based on rules
  • Root cause analysis




The template is provided as a transport for the customer to import into their development system and move through the landscape into production as we move through the implementation phases. 



We will review the customers exisitng Process Director customizing and user exit settings as well as analyse the postings to determine the initial enhancements the customer could benefit from. This will be documented and workshop will be provided to go through the findings,  agree and and cost an implementation plan.  

Required Software / Applications

Process Director

Geographic Availability

Template is available all customers worldwide.

Language Availability