• Bots are configured to login into Gmail inbox using the credentials provided by user in the config file and generate a detailed Excel sheet with sender mail-ID, mail subject, user action & bot action columns.
  • Once user selects ‘yes’ from the user action drop-down for the emails that they want to unsubscribe from, they simply save the Excel and execute the next robot.
  • The 2nd robot reads the latest Excel file and processes the unsubscribe requests based on the user's selection in the Excel file.


  • This will reduce the manual efforts in controlling spam from inboxes
  • The tedious task to open every email, search for the Unsubscribe button, and then follow the procedure to unsubscribe is no longer needed, as the bot handles it all
  • Saves time by handling the tasks automatically


Bot accepts an Excel template as input


  • Emails are unsubscribed as requested
  • An Excel output file will be generated with the status in bot status column

Required Software / Applications

Kofax RPA

Language Availability