• The robot marks emails as read, categorizes and moves them to a processed folder.
  • supports multiple accounts and shared inboxes.
  • Works on Exchange 2010 and Office 365
  • Rich email filtering by sender, subject, body and attachment name.
  • Supports 100's of filters
  • open source and free



Emails that can be automatically processed are removed from people's inboxes reducing human effort.  For example: it can delete out-of-office response emails or acceptance or declines from meeting invites.  It can also respond to basic email requests automatically.


Click this link to watch the video of the email helper in action now: CLICK HERE


You will need to configure filters containing account names, inbox and outbox names, and securely store email account passwords in the Password store.


Output is processed emails moved to a "processed folder"

Required Software / Applications

Kofax RPA, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange

Geographic Availability


Language Availability