easyINDEX allows key fields to be defined for a document class, and these fields are checked after recognition. Depending on the settings chosen, the fields can be checked to see if they are populated/empty, contain specific values, or their confidence levels can be checked.

Where the set criteria is met, documents can be auto-validated meaning they won't need to be manually checked during validation. Where all documents are marked valid, the whole batch can be routed past validation with no operator input.

easyINDEX functionality can drastically reduce the effort/cost of excessive manual validation.

easyINDEX has been designed so that other custom functionality can be built in to the automatic process to suit specific customer requirements.


Reduction in manual validation processing.


Further information available here.


Kofax batches.


Kafax batches auto-validated.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Capture

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