The Docspro PDF Advanced PDF Creator makes it possible to apply MRC compression to color documents with compression ratios up to 90%. This means that less storage is required and documents can be shared more quickly. In addition, the unique Born Digital Module of the Docspro Advanced PDF Creator ensures that documents that have a digital origin, such as Office documents, can also be compressed. Fast webview is standard available and ensures that when a PDF document is downloaded from a website, the first pages can already be read while downloading the rest of the document in the background.


 Limit required storage while maintaining quality
 Compressed and converted files are fully searchable on content
 Born Digital documents can compress
 Easily to integrate into your existing Kofax environment
 Support for fast webview
 Scalable; extremely suitable for converting both small- and large amounts of documents


Documents in any format


Highly compressed full-text-searchable PDF documents

Required Software / Applications

Kofax TotalAgility / Kofax Capture

Geographic Availability


Language Availability