Automatically detect multi-value fields and create duplicate documents.

Saves operators scanning/copying documents multiple times when they need to be indexed more than once.

Copying takes place automatically - no user input or action is required.

DocCopy now includes support for running multiple times during processing, and also copying of the Kofax Generated PDF when creating new copies of documents.


Time and effort savings for users requiring multiple copies of documents.


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Kofax batches.


Kofax batches with additional documents.

Additional Information

DocCopy for Kofax Capture is a utility which allows the automatic duplication of documents where multiple values are entered/detected in a field. These can be manually entered or automatically extracted index field values, or multiple rows entered in a TABLE field.

DocCopy can be configured to detect these multiple values, and create duplicates of the document, so that there is a document per value. The original multiple value field will be split and each document will have one of the values assigned. It is also possible to configure DocCopy to automatically copy across the values from all other index fields or table fields in the original document.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Capture

Geographic Availability


Language Availability