COGNITIVE CAPTURE: Automatically identifies and classifies all structured, semi-structured, and even unstructured documents from scanners, multi-function devices, web, email, fax, and social networks.
NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING: Uses Sentiment Analysis to extract subjective qualities from over 140 languages such as attitudes & emotions from text. Named entity recognition (NEM) identifies words or phrases as useful entities within the document.
MACHINE LEARNING: Understands context, relationships, and entities within the document.
DOCUMENT CLASSIFICATION: Complex structured documents with continuous tables or repeatable document sections are broken down and categorised for better document classification.
ON-DEMAND INFORMATION: Data from documents are always available and retrievable in real-time, which facilitates employee and customer service satisfaction
IMPROVED SECURITY: Improved security with authenticated, streamlined routing of documents containing sensitive customer and company data. Ensure your organisation aligns with any data privacy or compliance standards
YOUR NEW POINT OF ENTRY: Capture content right as it arrives, and simultaneously organise, archive, and provide access to content for approved staff from one central location.
RULES-BASED PROCESSING: Using the rules defined from the cognitive capture engine, incoming documents can be classified correctly from all incoming source types. This consistency in document classification and automatic re-routing allows for fast delivery of information to the right person, and no longer relies on the subjectivity of staff.
MADE FOR WORKFLOWS: With automatic document classification, digital mailrooms can offer an intelligent entry point for incoming information to be delivered to your workflow processes without the need for manual intervention.
INGEST MULTI-CHANNEL INPUTS: including paper mail, email attachments, portal submission, fax, social networks communications and more.
CLASSIFICATION AND CONTENT CLASSIFICATION: documents are classified based on their appearances and content and routed to the appropriate people and processes in your business.
CASE MANAGEMENT: support for case folders, document sets, annotation, and notes
PROPRIETARY CONNECTORS: seamless integration with all ERP and CRM line of business solutions


  • Time Savings from no longer maintaining paper documents
  • Reduce Operational Costs by eliminating printing, expensive couriers and real estate costs required for document storage
  • Increase Accessibility to all documents with controlled access, anytime from anywhere
  • Decrease User Wait Times for document turnaround
  • Improve Security and decrease lost and misfiled document from human error
  • Simplify Processes and improve the end users experience


More details can be found at acmo.com.au/solution/mailroom-automation/


  • Integration with Document Sources
  • Integration with Business Applications


Processed documents are routed to department specific workflows for further processing or sent to internal business applications or ECM for future reference.

Geographic Availability

Australia and New Zealand

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