Ingests Reimbursable Agreements to extract data to be uploaded to another system like UFMS.

  • Scans and identifies document types 
  • Extracts data from completed forms in an automated fashion using OCR supercharged with machine learning
  • Classifies the forms
  • Exports the data into an XML file or to a database or another financial management system
  • Pull detailed reports based on information collected


This workflow helps organizations boost productivity by automating the previously arduous task of managing reimbursables agreements. 

  • Goes far beyond OCR, using multiple engines to effectively review images, handwriting and more. 
  • Contains multiple dashboards and detailed reporting with drill-down capabilities to track any statistic you need. 
  • Uses analytics to track documents by day, type, and more for predicting behaviors. 


Sample documents provided.


Document image and data file.

Geographic Availability