Custom Text Export allows you to export your data from Kofax with absolutely any layout, content, and format.

Custom Text Export allows you to upload a sample of the desired output into a Template Designer, where you can edit it to produce an export template.

By creating templates which contain markers for Index Field, Batch Field, System Variables and Text, it is possible to completely customise the output files produced.

Custom Text Export allows creation of index files per document or per batch. When creating a file per batch, it is possible to insert a header and footer, meaning you can create completely custom batch level output.

With Custom Text Export you can produce highly complex XML output templates in minutes.

Custom Text Export has full support for Kofax TABLE field, and single page output formats.

You can configure custom SQL commands to be run at document or batch level, and send custom emails - including a PDF attachment.



One export connector can be used across a number of projects without the need to develop 'per-project' connectors.

Custom Text Export is one of the most flexible export connectors available for Kofax.


Full details and evaluation version available here

Blog article on using Custom Text Export available here


Any Kofax or KTM Batch.


Any text based layout, content, and format.

Additional Information

Custom Text Export now has a built in Template Designer, so configuring your highly customised output is even easier!

You can create a bespoke formatted output in less than 5 minutes with no coding required.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Capture

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