Assemble all the elements that you want to include in your installer:- Kofax Express jobs- Kofax Express batches

- Scanner profiles

- FolderScan images

- CaptureBites export connectors

- CaptureBites programs such as AutoBites or Commander

- Excel Sheets in XLS format or an Access database in MDB format (the ODBC source will automatically be generated)

- Auxiliary files like standalone programs and viewers.


Prepare jobs and configurations in your office and deploy a complete solution to your customers with a single installer. You can even publish your installer on the web and generate a download link which you can share with your customer.


CaptureBites Create Installer Tool Product Page: https://www.capturebites.com/installer/


Assemble your installer.


Publish and share your installer.

Additional Information

Without activation, you can create installation profiles but you cannot build installers. You can switch from demo to full production mode by entering an activation code which you can purchase from our partners.

You can continue using any of the profiles you configured in demo mode after activation of the software.

If you want to try out the product in full production mode, you can also request a trial license.

Request a Trial License: https://www.capturebites.com/contactus/trial/

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Express and/or MetaServer