• Flexibility: the connector enables the transparent integration of different document types into the DATEV-Cloud using different multifunction devices.
  • Efficiency:
    • The scanned documents are uploaded and saved directly from the multifunctional device in DATEV-Cloud without the need for additional tasks, which saves time and money.
    • The company or client can digitize their documents and make them immediately available to their tax advisor via DATEV-Cloud, thus optimizing the entire process.
    • Receipts can be found much faster (digital platform instead of physical archive). Each receipt remains attached to the corresponding booking, so it becomes easier to find, manage, control, etc.
  • Security:
    • Each client can identify themselves on the device before scanning. This makes documents and access traceable and thus increases the security of every transaction.
    • DATEV Unternehmen online offers a secure storage platform for both companies and tax advisors.


This solution provides a transparent and reliable integration of digitalized documents directly to the DATEV-Cloud storage from a diversity of multifunction devices.


You need to have the Transfer Service to DATEV, and to install a component in KOFAX ControlSuite.


We store the Kofax processed documents directly in the DATEV-Cloud.

Required Software / Applications

Kofax ControlSuite, Transfer Service to DATEV