- Add scan buttons to your business application such as your CRM, ERP or in house developed software for patient administration, manufacturing, warehouse management etc.

- You can programmatically trigger any action in Kofax Express such as sending scan commands, setting the correct job, scan profile, batch name and fill out index fields based on data you retrieved with your software application.

- Create simple scan wizards. They can help users to easily scan the correct documents with the correct settings. An example of such a wizard is included with the installer. You can find more info about the CaptureBites™ Scan Wizard here.

- Define Commander shortcuts to set pre-defined VRS Corrections with a single click.


Any environment that can run a program with command line parameters can be used to send commands to Kofax Express. You can use VBA to add Kofax Express control buttons to an application created in Microsoft Access for example or add buttons in a software applications developed with VB, VB.Net, C# .Net,C++, Java, Delphi, etc.

You can combine as many commands as you want but each command can only be used once. Data to set index values or the job name can easily be replaced by variables if you run these commands from a program.


CaptureBites Commander Product Page: https://www.capturebites.com/commander/


Send commands to Kofax Express


Command is performed by Kofax Express

Additional Information

After installing CaptureBites Commander, you will find a folder called CaptureBites on your desktop with some sample command shortcuts, two PowerPoint presentation files and a demo wizard to try out the Commander tool.

CaptureBites™ Commander detects when Kofax Express runs in demonstration mode and will then also switch to demo mode. In demo mode, images will be stamped with a demo seal.

If you want to use the product in full production mode without these demo stamps, you can request a trial license.

Request a Trial License:

Required Software / Applications

Kofax Express