The BECONEX Validation Controller allows to configurate the selection of documents to be visually inspected at page-, document- or batch-level, as well as the percentage of documents that must pass an inspection.

The visual inspection can consist of one or more characteristics of the document, such as the quality, completion, signatures, etc. The reviewer can be informed about this specifications via email.

The user that scanned to documents can be notified via email with instructions on how to proceed depending on the results of the inspection: either preserve the scanned documents for further proving, rescan the documents, or destroy them.

To perform the visual inspection, the reviewer can visualize the document as pdf file using the Kofax® Power PDF Solution.

The scanning, inspection and aproval of documents is logged end-to-end, to enhance the overall security of the process.


This solution contributes to the efficiency and security of replacement scanning processes, by automating the selection of documents, notifying both user and reviewer about the requirements and results of the inspection, and logging the entire process.


You need to install a component in KOFAX ControlSuite.


Email notifications to both user and reviewer with specifications and results of the inspection, and logging of the entire process (accesible in the AutoStore server).

Required Software / Applications

Kofax ControlSuite