Direct data upload in SAP
You can directly index digital and paper-based documents with AutoStore
and integrate them into the desired SAP processes or objects. Thanks to a
uniform interface and an adaptable visual interface with easy user navigation,
AutoStore can be used by anyone.
Fast: Data are allocated to an SAP process or object in no time.
Ease of use: Documents can be uploaded to SAP by everyone – and
not just by “costly” SAP experts.
Upload processes are optimized not only for digital but also
for paper documents.


The multichannel platform provides intuitive, secure
and seamless integration of documents and information
directly into the respective SAP application.





You have to install a component into the ControlSuite and make a SAP transport into the ERP System 


We store the Kofax processed documents directly in the SAP Archive System

Required Software / Applications

Kofax ControlSuite