This Robot signs on to Amazon.com with stored credentials and retrieves order information for the owner of the credentials.

The order information can then be stored in a database or spreadsheet for future analysis.



For individuals who order frequently from Amazon.com, the robot allows you to regularly receive an updated document containing your order history.  

This allows categorization of order types after review (business vs personal, etc.).  Also depending on how you use the information, subsequent tasks can analyze costs of frequent purchases and usage reports.


The robot just needs the email address and password of the Amazon customer.


The robot produces a list on screen of the past orders.  If you prefer to create a spreadsheet you can easily change the "Return Value" step to Extract as Excel.

Additional Information

Utilizing this robot assumes you have knowledge of Kofax Kapow 10.3.2 and that you have access to the software.

Required Software / Applications

Kapow 10.3.2

Geographic Availability


Language Availability