Simple to use, fast to integrate
Machine learning models


  1. Automatically detect fraud
  2. Reduce fraud losses due to forged or manipulated documents
  3. Relieve your operational teams of manual document verification
  4. Automatically flag and annotate problematic cases for your fraud team
  5. Easy and fast integration via a Kofax KTA Connector


Step 1 : Download the zipped Packaged file

Step 2 : Import it into KTA using the Import wizard along with all the artifacts included in the package

Step 3 : Create a File Import configuration for the documents to be ingested by KTA

Step 3.1 : Use the same path for Watched folder and Archive Folder ( mandatory ). In this case the archive folder will automatically create an OK folder within

Step 4 : Review the server variables under "Online Document Fraud Detection >> Inscribe project" and update

Step 4.1 : The "UploadDirectory" to the same as the Watched folder in step 3.1

Step 4.2 : Update the private "CustomerID" and "Authorization Key" for the API to work

Step 5 : Place the files in the watched folder and enjoy!

Please note that KTA should be running on the HTTPS protocol in order for the viewer to work securely.


Fraud detection on the document will be shown along with the document analysis, which can be viewed in the Inscribe Viewer with a click of a button on a KTA form.

Required Software / Applications


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