- Multi-channel ACORD Forms ingestion, including paper scanning and file import

- Automated ACORD classification and data extraction

- Customizable validation user interfaces with integrated lookups and business rules

- Intelligent routing based on ACORD form type and/or extracted/validated data


Streamlined processing for insurance ACORD forms on the Kofax TotalAgility platform.


Email sales@imagetechsys.com for additional information or a live demonstration.


ACORD Forms including but not limited to:

−25 – Certificate of Liability Insurance
−27 – Evidence of Property Insurance
−80 – Homeowner Application
−90 – Personal Auto Application
−125 – Commercial Insurance Application
−126 – Commercial General Liability Section
−127 – Business Auto Section
−130 – Workers Compensation Application
−131 – Umbrella / Excess Section
−137 – Commercial Auto
−140 – Property Section


ACORDForms Automate can export files and data to common repositories like Microsoft SharePoint, or to flat files that can be picked up for import to the back-end system of your choice.  ACORDForms Automate can also be paired with ImageTech's "ClaimsAutomate" solution for TotalAgility, which extends the claims processing solution with approval workflows, biller portals, and more.

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