• Process documents from any source - email, paper, fax, EDI and e-invoices
  • Advanced capture technology to extract invoice data
  • Fraud Detection Engine
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Automatic and Manual GL Coding
  • Delegation of Authority based Approval
  • Two-way and Three-way Matching
  • Integrate with any ERP and ECM
  • End-to-End audit trail


DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: By utilising the APAY framework for solutions, organisations of all sizes can effectively implement AP automation and move to a seamless AP digital transformation.

REDUCTION IN ERROR RATES: Eliminate human errors and reduce manual work leads organisations to spend less time processing invoices than companies using paper-based processes. 

MOBILITY WITH ROO: Review and Action Invoices on the go with our Mobile App (iOS/Android). Scan and submit receipts & invoices and have them sent to the correct department. Approve, reject and comment on invoices from tablets and smartphones. Mobile access features let enterprise users review invoices without interfacing directly with the accounting business application. Approvers can view invoice header and line details, the invoice image, document attachments and comments added by other users.

MORE TIME TO FOCUS: APAY’s higher straight-through processing rates enable staff to focus more on strategic initiatives by removing time-consuming tasks such as manual data entry.

MACHINE LEARNING: Our invoice processing solution uses machine learning capabilities to recognise existing supplier invoice formats and learn new formats to improve extraction results as you start processing invoices.

BUSINESS RULES ENGINE: With the inbuilt Business Rules Engine, the APAY solution ensures that all processed invoices have their data extracted in the correct format and satisfy various compliance requirements.

FRAUD DETECTION ENGINE: The Fraud Detection Engine is one of the core modules in the APAY solution that applies industry best practices to detect and flag suspicious invoices. The FDE module performs all necessary due diligence checks for each invoice, saving time and potential losses.

E-INVOICE ENABLED: APAY is a Peppol e-invoice enabled solution that allows our customers to receive e-invoices and run them through the Business Rules Engine before entering the system.

NEAR REAL-TIME VISIBILITY INTO TRANSACTIONS & CASH FLOW: The AP team can easily track and monitor the progress and status of invoices, reducing delays in processing and approvals.

BETTER VENDOR EXPERIENCE: Vendors can monitor the status of invoices payment, reducing the number of inquiries sent to the AP department.

INTUITIVE WEB-BASED USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Easy for AP process owners to administer and modify



  1. Integration with Document Source (Email Mailbox)
  2. Integration with ERP (Supplier, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Invoice)
  3. Integration with ECM (optional)


Processed invoice image and extracted data are sent to ERP, fully-matched or approved, ready for payment.

Geographic Availability

Australia and New Zealand

Language Availability