Reach Kofax Customers Through the Kofax SmartHub

Build traction for your Kofax-based connectors, robots, scripts and automation solutions with the Kofax SmartHub. Create your company profile and add your assets to the Intelligent Automation showcase so Kofax customers can discover your items and access them immediately or inquire directly to you via an online form.

Become a Contributor

Why Contribute to the Kofax SmartHub?

Reach More Prospects

Our 20,000 customers are looking to accelerate their automation journey with pre-built solutions that you provide.

Create New Revenue Streams

You decide the value of your asset, whether it's a free connector you offer to the community, or a full-blown solution customers will pay you to use. It's your choice. We give you the platform to make critical connections with customers.

Grow your Automation Reputation

Putting your assets on the Kofax SmartHub shows you are serious about Intelligent Automation, and your team has the skills to build and deploy real-world solutions based on Kofax technologies.

How to List Your Assets in the Kofax SmartHub

Register to Become a SmartHub Contributor

Click "become a contributor" on this page and give us a few bits of information about your company to help build your profile page. We'll respond with an email accepting your application and providing you with an activation code.

Build your Company Profile

Log into the system to complete your profile with information such as your contact information, sales email, support email, logo and areas of speciality. This information will be used to create your profile page, which will be made publicly available to anyone browsing your assets.

Submit Assets Through your Profile

Each asset has its own showcase page and title on the site. Start by visiting your dashboard and clicking "add new asset". Complete the web form to submit your asset to Kofax for review. Add as much color as possible, as this information will be displayed online and showcase everything the end user needs to know before inquiring about it. The more you add, the more frequently your asset will be displayed.

Choose How Your Asset Will be Shared

At launch, you have two options for sharing your asset with the world. You can choose lead generation / inquiry OR direct download from your website. Choosing inquiry will send a lead to your designated sales contact each time someone has interest in the asset. Choosing download will allow you to offer your asset immediately to someone as a download from your website.